Android BAD RAIN - Dodge the toxic rain as if your life depends on it!


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Dodge the toxic raindrops (and other things) as if your life depends on it!
If anything hits you, well, let's just say it isn't pretty.
Unlock the more difficult levels by surviving for 60 seconds on the previous level.
You can survive for 60 seconds, right? (Challenge issued!)
Try BAD RAIN and see for yourself...dodging rain is fun!!!

Beta Testing for APPLE devices is now on! Register at this link:
Beta Test on APPLE devices:

The Android Beta Testing is also now on, so for Android devices just click the link below to download it from the Google Play Store...
Beta Test on Android devices:

Game Features:
- Over 30 killer enemies for you to master!
- Tons of levels for you to unlock! (Once unlocked, each level is always available for re-play.)
- Over 30 Leaderboards for you to dominate!
- Over 100 Achievements for you to attempt to earn!
- Easy Controls
- Addiction
- Fun!

Comment below or email me at with your feedback! Play it today! I look forward to hearing from you!

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hi, I played around with your game.

It's pretty hard:)

some things I noticed:
- on my phone (galaxy a5) the character and raindrops look a bit tiny/zoomed out.
-it might be a bit too hard on easy
- the character moves very slow
- the shop/in game purchase button is a bit too "in your face"

other than that it's a nice little game
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change the name perhaps to 'penetrate me daddy', with dem lasers.
other things, perhaps let the square guy jump or somthing so you dont just wait to die, or make him more fat and have an ability to swallow his 'belly' to became thin and evade? explore more mechanics

JWX Software

Thanks for you input! We will not be re-naming the least not to that! Anyone else try it yet?