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Windows Background layer shows above sprites



Recently started to get familiar with Game Maker after a long hiatus from any kind of hobby game development and found that in GMStudio 2 (Beta v23.1.1.67), I am having issues where the background always draws above sprites.

If I check the room settings, the depth of the background layer is 700. Instances layer is at 0.

I draw my sprite via the "Draw" event:
draw_sprite(spr_mysprite, anim_frame_drawn, x, y);
When I delete the background, I see the sprite fine.

Honestly am stumped and it's pretty frustrating as I had just started getting the hang of things again after stopping around 10 years ago.

If any idea happens to know if there is a glitch that causes this or some setting that causes it, I would greatly appreciate it!


And figured it out -- had a variable named "layer" I was using for internal logic and apparently that was a reserved object property.