Beta Backdrop Designer - PIXEL SHADERS - PARALLAX Landscape Design and more!

Backdrop Designer (formerly known as Background Designer)
V1.13Beta - 12 April, 2021
I began work on this tool around December 2020 while in lockdown, I needed a Project to help my sanity and so this is what I decided to make. This tool isn't Photoshop or designed for use with a tablet, it's not for drawing or painting in any sense, it's more like a sticker book with very versatile stamps where you can customise their opacity, colours, position, rotation, scale, flip and even 3D distortion and eventually build up an image. It's basically like painting for non-artists, or, if you are an artist, a way to speed up your work flow and chop and change colours of single stamps, whole layers, you can even step back through your designs and change a specific stamp you made, maybe just a colour adjustment or whatever, then click the redo all plots to get back to where you were.

You can load in any of your existing artwork, it handles png, gif and jpg and will handle transparency very nicely! It's a good too for pre-visualising for both artists and non-artists. It's also good to see how something looks as pixel art (okay, generated pixel art) but, it can act as a starting point.

There are several modes: Regular full colour/full resolution, C64, C64V2(Double the resolution and colours of a C64, hypothetical really), Sega Master System, Custom 48 Colour (in 320x200 / 640x400), Custom 256 Colour (in 320x200 / 640x400)
Check out this video:

You can export any non-pixel shaded image at 1x, 2x or 3x 1920 x 1200.

Supports a wrapping feature so you get tile ability, great for those parallax effects, you can also preview those by enabling the scroller or the parallax modes.

There are 24 x 12 = 288 Brush slots, some defaults in there you can replace by right clicking to remove them and bring in your own. I also supply a whole pack of base brushes to use that use the clever RGB masking system which in turn means you can make any brushes any colours you like! Each brush has 4 colours, Base, RedMaksed, GreenMasked and BlueMasked, all fully customisable.

If you want to help fund me while I develop this, please support me via the itch link below. The final release is going to cost a bit more than is shown there, but, you will get all updates free, forever. It's a perpetual licence and I only ask that you credit this tool and provide a link to it so that others can enjoy it.

Link to the Product:

For full details on how it works, here is the Documentation:
Also the Playlist :

It's literally almost complete bar a few other features I want to add before calling it done, such as masking and transparency handling for the pixel exports. As well as separate brush packs that you can pick and choose from, ultimately customising your Backdrop Designer. I hope to have the final release ready by Winter 2021, which is easily possible considering how much progress has been made so far!

You can post any images you make here, I'll also contribute any work I make while I work on updates!



Today I made 2 more videos to help you use this tool. It's also free for April so grab it before its ready for release. It wont be expensive but still, good to get something for free right?

Some more Art made with Backdrop Designer ,not just for photos or handpainted art, also does pixels! =D