Portfolio - Programming [AVAILABLE] Technical programmer looking for work (Inventories, save systems, level editors, etc.)



About me
Hey, I’m Skooparoll. I’m a programmer who’s primarily interested in technical/back-end parts of a project like inventories, level editors, and save systems. That said, I also have experience designing and coding combat and enemies. I value a tidy and organized implementation, so you can expect code that is easy to follow and full of comments. I deal with people online all the time, so we can easily discuss the details of your project on a voice chat.

I’m especially eager for a technical challenge, something that forces me to learn new things. If you have something you just can’t figure out, I’m all ears.

Discord: Skoopa#8171
You can also contact me on this forum, but discord is preferred by far! You’ll get an answer much quicker.

I prefer up-front payments or hourly rates, but it all depends on the project. Payment will be via PayPal.

More of my work
Check out my twitter
This video showcases further work on the WIP level-editor/puzzler in the GIF above

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Saving a level edited on the fly to a file. Pretty cool, but that might just be because I've lost way too much progress using level editors before.