Portfolio - Art [available from April] Professional Fantasy Illustrator/2D Artist (painted & pixel) for hire!



Hey there!

I'm a professional Fantasy Illustrator and 2D Artist that has been working on indie video games, board games and pen & paper RPGs, as well as been teaching Game Art workshops at universities in Berlin.

I'm available for freelance work right now. I do cover and marketing illustrations, as well as interface design and game assets. I specialize in fantasy, but I work in other genres as well!

There are some more works shown on my portfolio page:

So go ahead and hit me up with your project! :D (annikamaar (at) hotmail.com)

Cover DDZ rgb small.jpg
scharfschütze a5 druck.png
schatten der macht5s logo.jpg
sterne cover final2 small copyr.jpg

some assets and an interface this time...

portfolio 6.png portfolio 8.png portfolio 9,5.png portfolio 9.png portfolio 5.jpg

walking cycles and interface design

paul animation test3.gif screenshot3s.png calendar testsmall.jpg
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