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  1. Dragon47

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    Jul 6, 2016

    Download demo: http://www.mediafire...ders (Demo).exe

    This extension includes two shaders which autotiles and depth sorts your tiles in an instant. There's a collection of 5 scripts which makes it easy to use the extension. Usually you would organize your tiles and create edges and corners etc. on the CPU, but this can be quite slow some times, so this asset focuses on doing these tasks on the GPU which can give you a great performance boost. Shuffling and updating all tiles in the window every step can be done with a steady 60+ frames per second.

    • Can be used for both sidescrollers and topdown games (and more).
    • Autotiling with fill, edges, outer corners and inner corners.
    • Tile variants. Makes the terrain look less random by varying between slightly different tile textures.
    • Adjustable tile size.
    • Specify different depth values for each tile sprite, tiles with the same depth connects to each other.
    • Support for chunk-based tile systems.
    • Very fast tile updates. The asset was made with focus on runtime efficiency.
    • Commented and organized code.
    • All GML and GLSL ES, no external libraries.
    Marketplace link: https://marketplace....tilemap-shaders




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  2. John Andrews

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    Oct 28, 2016
    Wow that looks cool, reminds me of terraria :)
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