Android Automated script for installing SDK dependencies (GMS 2.2.3 Windows)

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    Automated script for installing SDK dependencies (GMS 2.2.3 Windows)

    There has been an uptick in SDK-related questions following the removal of Android Support Repository in Android Studio's SDK manager UI. In response, I have written an automated solution that attempts to resolve this.

    Main Script

    Copy and paste the following in a file named gms223sdk.bat:
    @echo off
    SETLOCAL EnableDelayedExpansion
    rem Title
    echo FrostyCat's GMS 2 Android SDK Dependency Installer
    echo Version 1 for GMS 2.2.3
    echo =======================================
    rem Detect JDK
    echo Searching for JDK...
    if "%JAVA_HOME%" == "" (
        echo Error: JDK not found.
        exit /b 1
    if not "x%JAVA_HOME:jre=%" == "x%JAVA_HOME%" (
        echo Error: Java path seems to point to JRE.
        exit /b 1
    echo %JAVA_HOME%
    rem Search for SDK directory
    echo Searching for SDK...
    if "%1" == "" (
        if exist "C:\Android\tools\bin\sdkmanager.bat" (
            set sdkdir=C:\Android
        if exist "%localappdata%\Android\tools\bin\sdkmanager.bat" (
            set sdkdir=%localappdata%
        if exist "%appdata%\Android\tools\bin\sdkmanager.bat" (
            set sdkdir=%appdata%\Android
    ) else (
        if exist "%1\tools\bin\sdkmanager.bat" (
            set sdkdir=%1
    if not defined sdkdir (
        echo Error: SDK not found. If you wish to specify a non-default directory, run this: gms223sdk.bat ^<mysdkdir^>
        exit /b 1
    echo !sdkdir!
    rem Install dependencies as of 2019-09-07
    echo Installing dependencies for SDK at !sdkdir!:
    pushd "!sdkdir!\tools\bin"
    call sdkmanager.bat "build-tools;28.0.3" "extras;android;m2repository" "extras;google;google_play_services" "extras;google;instantapps" "extras;google;m2repository" "extras;google;market_apk_expansion" "extras;google;market_licensing" "extras;google;usb_driver" "ndk-bundle" "patcher;v4" "platform-tools" "platforms;android-28"
    rem Licensing
    echo Licensing dependencies...
    call sdkmanager.bat --licenses
    rem Done
    echo =======================================
    echo Dependencies installed. In GMS 2, please configure File ^> Preferences ^> Platform Settings ^> Android as follows:
    echo - Android SDK location: !sdkdir!
    echo - Android NDK location: !sdkdir!\ndk-bundle
    echo - Java JDK location: %JAVA_HOME%
    Then simply double-click it to install the required SDK dependencies.

    Technical Details

    This script installs the following dependencies (for runtime
    • Build tools 28.0.3
    • Android support repository
    • Google Play Services
    • Google Play Instant Development SDK
    • Google Repository
    • Google Play APK Expansion Library
    • Google Play Licensing Library
    • Google USB Driver
    • NDK
    • SDK Patch Applier v4
    • Android SDK Platform Tools
    • API Level 28

    Last Updated: 2019-09-08: Enforce SDK tool detection when specifying a custom SDK directory.
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