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SOLVED Auto-fill showing duplicate suggestions of variables/functions.


As the title implies, after updating to 2.3.1 today and starting to modify my code, I noticed that my auto-fill suggestions were getting shown multiple times
I can assume this could be a bug/glitch of the new update/conversion to the new version, cause this behavior was not documented in the previous version of the IDE. Or maybe it's a setting that I missed in the changelog?



No that shouldn't happen (or at least it's never happened to me and I can't imagine anyone wanting it). Cleaning the cache or restarting GM might fix it.


I get the same. It's been like this for a few of the 2.3 versions. I only remember it not happening on the first 2.3 version. I've tried everything to see if it will fix it but nothing works.


Kazan Games
Mine also occurs the same thing in GMS, Runtime It didn't happen before, so I guess it's a bug.