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Aura is a lightweight, easy to set up lighting engine for your 2D games. It's main feature is that it is simple to use and is a no-fuss solution to the problem of creating basic lights and shadows in GameMaker, even with concave shapes.

After testing other shader-based lighting options, I found that none of them were simple enough for what I needed, so I created my own and decided to share it with people here on the Marketplace. If you require sprite shadows, or a more full and featured system for complex lighting effects, then consider another product as this was not designed to compete with them, but rather to offer an alternative for those people that don't need such "power house" engines.

That said, Aura is still pretty feature rich so read on to see what it offers:

  • Cross platform! Tested on Windows Phone, Desktop, iOS, and Android. Should work on Mac, Linux and Tizen (Native). HTML5 with WebGL may work, but can't be tested currently because of a bug with GMS.

  • Instance based lights, meaning you can set scale, rotation, colour and alpha easily.

  • Static or dynamic lighting, with static lights being blindingly fast, even in large numbers!

  • Dynamic lights create realistic shadows, with multiple lights casting multiple shadows

  • Static lights can be "updated" manually, making them briefly dynamic, so that you can control the performance of your game at all times (project files have an example of this)

  • Shadows can be box-based, circle-based or polygon based. Polygon shadows can be defined in game easily through a points list method, and can even be concave!

  • Aura uses "Multiply" blending rather than "Additive" blending, giving super-natural effects, without any of the brightness and saturation associated with other lighting engines.

  • The project files have three rooms (shown in the video) for Dynamic Lights, Static Lights, and a Demo room where you can see how all the features work together.


Firehammer Games
I see that this was updated to support GMS2, though it is a separate asset. I would advise you though that your demo link(dropbox) is currently not working.