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GMS 2 Audio Panning (bug?) Issue?

So I'm sure this probably isn't a GMS bug or anything, likely something I am doing. My music is starting in the center when I drop my character into the room but then as I progress the music is slowly panning to the left ear only. Now I recently did a proximity sound object that detects where the player is based on distance between player and object and it adjusts the PAN and GAIN based on those number. That works great. So maybe that is interfering somehow? But im not sure that is the case, because I take that proximity object out of the game and the panning still stays on the music.

Here is the proximity object code below...
state        = 0;
radius        = 64;
radius_col    = c_red;

dist_to_emit = point_distance(x, y, oHero.x, oHero.y);
audioName = audio_get_name(snd_prox_sound);

// Create Emitter
s_emit = audio_emitter_create();
audio_max_dist_to_be_heard = snd_prox_distance;
audio_starts_to_drop_at = 100;

// Set Falloff Distance
audio_emitter_position(s_emit, x, y, 0);
audio_emitter_falloff(s_emit, audio_starts_to_drop_at, audio_max_dist_to_be_heard, 1);
gainDEV    = 1 - point_distance(x,y,x,y)/snd_prox_distance;
gain    = 1 - point_distance(x,y,oHero.x,oHero.y)/snd_prox_distance;

if (state == 0) {
    audio_play_sound_on(s_emit, snd_prox_sound, true, 1);
    state = 1;
// stop memory leak & sound
I checked my music object and it shouldnt be affected I wouldnt think. Different variable names and emitters, etc.. Kinda baffled.