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GML [Audio] Live volume of a sound that is playing?

I'm curious if it is possible to create a live/dynamic volume meter of sorts in Game Maker Studio 1 and/or 2?
As in, is it possible to get some sort of value (adjusts itself each step; would probably be a float, ie a percentage) which represents the current "loudness" of the specified sound (NOT the assigned volume)?
These green/yellow/red bars are basically what I mean (but instead it would read the specified sound that is currently playing in Game Maker):

This would be extremely useful for rythmic games, animating characters talking, certain effects and just volume mixers in general.
The more platforms this supports, the better, but if it isn't possible natively, it would be really cool if someone could point me towards an extension that could possibly do this, or maybe help out by making one.
Either way, thanks in advance!