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SOLVED Audio Listener Position/Orientation not updating

Hey, I'm currently fiddling with a 3D game that I busted out the early parts of years ago, thus, it's written in D3D on Gamemaker 1.4999, which makes it almost impossible to find any info now that gms2 is out and widely discussed. Essentially, I'm trying to set up my audio listener for the player. I'm using all the same values for orentation/position as my camera, and I'm updating them every frame, but once I actually start up the game, it seems as though the listener gets stuck to the positions that the camera starts at at the beginning of the game. Anybody have any ideas as to why? Big big thanks in advance!

Here's all that code for updating camera/listener in the draw event, by the way.
//Update Camera Position
d3d_set_projection_ext(x,y,hfinal,x+lengthdir_x(1,direction), y+lengthdir_y(1,direction),hfinal-sin(degtorad(zdr)),0,0,1,fov,window_get_width()/window_get_height(),1,16000);
//Update Audio Listener
audio_listener_orientation(x+lengthdir_x(1,direction), y+lengthdir_y(1,direction), hfinal-sin(degtorad(zdr)), 0, 0, 1);
audio_listener_position(x, y, hfinal);