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Question - IDE Audio groups in game options?


For the record, the issue that I previously had is still there, just to point out. But here's another question:
How do you access audio groups? In the manual it's specified that you get to them from the game options menu via a tab.

I see no tab.
is it there?
If so, where?
If not, (that would be idiotic but-) why?


Friendly Tyrant
Forum Staff
Audio groups are in the "Tools" menu. The manual will be updated to reflect this. :)

Posh Indie

Ok. Thanks! I'm guessing there isn't an ETA on updates especially since one just came out :p
There should be an update pretty soon, given the CPU hogging thread issue. Not sure if anything else will be included with it though, haha. Time will tell.


NOTE: I have also learned that "audiogroup_default" or any equivalent is also absent from a project made in GMS2 (not imported), alongside user made audio group constants being missing.