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Atom Danmaku X is an updated version of Atom Danmaku.
Also, quickly released to celebrate the new GMC...

Originally my entry for GMCJam 21, (The last one on the old forums, BTW) there were a few complaints revolving around the ludicrous slowdown.

The biggest changes X does:
-No more intro text (It was only there anyway to "satisfy" the humor handicap)
-Some text changes on the title screen (There seems to be huge memory usage at the title and credits for a few seconds, for some reason)
-The amount of bullets onscreen cannot be changed anymore (It's 1000 bullets max. Maybe I'll re-enable it if anyone asks...)
-Sounds have proper volume this time. (The volume variable wasn't set correctly. It is now though. Hopefully no one will have their speakers blown now!* ;))
-In general, almost every sound in the game has had its volume lowered in some way.
-Simulated slowdown no longer drops below 30 FPS. Should feel MUCH faster now...
-However, there are less bullets fired from enemies to accommodate for the increased speed. (Shouldn't be too noticeable though...)
-Bosses now start attacking near the top of the screen, instead of near the middle.
-You can no longer start the game with the help screen up.
-Bullets only have 1/3 of a chance or something to actually play bullet sounds. (Again, to lower the volume)
*No one's speakers actually blew out from the game.

Also, just did some quik fix™ and moved a bunch of enemies around to keep them from merging with each other. Some enemies were removed altogether, but barely noticeable. Bosses were moved a little bit down on the screen to show their health bars again too.


Get the game here:
(Click the arrow thingy pointing down to download)
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