Free ASTEROID2 TOGETHER - A Coop/PVP Asteroids Clone!




I want you to present you my first uploaded game. It's a simple game, a clone based on the classic 1979 Asteroids, ASTEROID2 TOGETHER.

I've made this game as an homage to the original game for the 40th anniversary which will be this year. It's a recreation of the original experience, but the I've added the 2nd player factor. Now you can play the game in coop, and engage in PvP battles on different maps.

This is a very simple game because I've tried to recreate the feeling of the original as much as possible, so you won't even see a colour beyond black and white. That doesn't mean the game won't get updates (I'm planning some little things like online leaderboards and gamepad support). But if you like the original game, there's no reason you wouldn't like this one, and it's actually fun to play with a friend! And it's free so there is no reason not to!

Link to the game:

You can also, if you like, support me by buying the engine I've made for GMS2 to make this game, which you can find here or in my page, though I will be promoting that in one or two days. You can also check some of my other assets!

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Bye for now! <3


Interesting... I like the vector feel, though the edges seem jagged. Some glowing effects would be nice too. Have you looked at Space Duel, Atari's 3rd Asteroids-style game? It has the co-op feature (and some Asteroids home conversions have the 2-player competitive feature as well). I would have liked to play 2 player except i have no one to play with. I also made a Space Duel remake but I'm not too good with programming so I can't make the tethered mode and was hoping you'd have it here. Guess you don't though, which is fair enough, but it would be interesting to see it.