Question - General Assets in 2.3 Beta and Beyond?


Maybe this has been discussed somewhere, but how will marketplace assets work in beta and beyond? Here are a couple more specific questions:
  • Will the marketplace designate 2.2.5 and 2.3?
  • Will we be allowed to convert 2.2.5 assets to 2.3 or will we need to make a new and separate 2.3 asset?
  • Will we be allowed to upload versions of both 2.2.5 and 2.3 in the same asset?


Firehammer Games
In general, most things work as-is when imported into 2.3. If you import a project, it will be converted. I'm assuming that assets that haven't been updated would also go through the same conversion and work fine. Then, once someone does update their asset, say if they are taking advantage of 2.3's features, then all they have to do is specifiy that 2.3 is required to update the asset. Since 2.3 isn't an update that should be breaking things, it is more than fair to hope that most people would update since code doesn't break anyway.