Distribution Asset licensing outside GameMaker



I've been using GameMaker for years and have become accustomed to its image creation tools.
However I'm making my first proper game in Unreal 4 but still want to make all my sprites, tilesets and textures in GMS.

So do I need any special license(s) from YoYo Games to publish this game using assets made in GMS?
From all the legal documents I've read, licensing only applies if you publish a game in a GM engine.

Though I could really do with knowing early as I'd hate to learn a new set of tools later on and possibly even remake assets from scratch.

I know it seems treacherous, but I'm in a tough spot here :3


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Is it explicitly forbidden in the EULA? If not, you're pretty much good to go (this is why many EULAs are so in-depth in the terms and conditions).

That aside, how would people be able to tell what you made the assets in? You could open some PNGs made in GM using a hex editor and see if any of the [TEXT] chunks contain comments saying it was made in GM, and if not, then they can't be traced and there's no way YYG could use it as proof in a legal dispute. Then simply never mention you made stuff in GM (including discretely removing forum posts mention it etc *cough cough*) and nobody will ever notice. It's not like the GMS editor has unique colors you wouldn't be able to get in any other editor (which is a common thing with e.g. music editors that come with custom soundfonts etc).

Also, you should start learning GIMP, it compliments GM pretty well, especially when making textures intended for 3D (e.g. using the Make Seamless filter to make them tileable).