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Asset import mistake - data files

Hi everyone. I think I made a little mistake somewhere. I can remember toying around with something to do with ''include source files'' or something when messing with one of my tilesets. I didn't really pay attention to it afterwards, and it might not be the cause of my problems.

The problem is that I did a backup of my project to a USB stick. I quickly noticed the insane amount of files it was copying ... Turns out, the map from which I use sprites is imported COMPLETELY in my project under 2 folders called ''datafiles''. One folder with all the png's, one with copies in .yyp format. This is a problem, as that folder contains literally thousands of sprites that I'm not using!

So my question is: can I delete these without messing up my project? And what could be the cause of this, to make sure I don't repeat the same mistake twice. Other projects don't have this issue, and contain only the files needed in the project.