Question - General Asset analytics is broken


This has been an issue for a long time. On my asset analytics, sales for certain paid assets do not appear on the graph. As you can see in the screen cap of the graph below, I do have revenue in range ($19.96) according to the Asset Totals below the graph, but they do not appear in the graph (there's no green line indicating revenue on a particular day.)

I think what may be going on is that the graph only grabs data for the first N assets you've created, and then after that number of assets has been created, new assets are not included in the graph, both for sales counts and reveue lines, but supposedly they are still being tabulated accurately in terms of calculating earnings and payouts.


I recall first noticing this quite a long time ago, probably over a year, maybe two, and wrote to YYG Support to ask them about it, and they acknowledged the issue at the time, but it seems that nothing has been done to address it.

I feel it should not be too much to ask that a business provide accurate sales reporting to a partner, and that this is a serious matter. I only haven't escalated the issue because the amount of revenue I'm currently getting from the Marketplace is very small, but if I were seeing higher income coming in, I'd be very concerned about it.

And I'm starting to see my revenue increase. $20 in the last 30 days is my biggest month ever :) So that's why I'm bringing it up today.

Can someone from YoYo please speak to this issue? Thank you!


I have also noticed an issue. My graph is a straight line showing only zeros. Seems like it's a JavaScript Chart and maybe problems with fetching the data? Purchases shows the sales, so it should be just fetching the data from same place and adding to the graph :)


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Seems like only people with original assets get the 'price' analytics part. All my older assets get it, not the new ones though.

Purchase tab is reliable but it still has "Unknown" for the purchase ID on paid products which makes it useless for purchase verification on my end.


YoYo should make the Purchases reliable and let us download the data as a whole. Then at least a third-party could create some fancy statistics program for it. Or we could try something ourselves.

PS: a smoother and fancier Marketplace is of course better, but if that's too hard (or costs too much), then this is a better alternative to what we have now...


While I'm at it, I think it would be great if the analytics would show your revenue, split between revenue that has already been paid out in a previous payment, vs. revenue that has been earned since the last payout. Right now, it shows the "revenue in range" for the date range defined in the analytics graph, and the "total revenue to date" which includes revenue already paid out as well as revenue that has been earned since the last payout was made to your account. It's hard to know from this data how close you are to your next $100 milestone that will trigger another payout, and keeping track of when your payouts have happened isn't easy, either.

I would like to know what YYG's roadmap is for the Marketplace. It doesn't seem to be actively developed, which is unfortunate. I think in the time since it's been launched there's only been a few minor updates to the features of the marketplace.