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 assembled objects&objects need sprite image and a seperate representation sprite for the roomeditor


It would be wonderfull if there is an way to define a new object by combining different existing objects.

example for assembling an car : i made the object 'car_wheel' and one object 'car_body'
now i want to create a new object 'car' but i see an editor similar to the room editor and i can drag the wheels into position and then the body of the car..... and in the roomeditor this new 'car' compound object will act as one object.

might not be easy to implement into the gm2 because some of the actions from the wheel would need to alter the position of the whole car and other actions will only affect the wheels relative to the body..... but it would be very very usefull.

sure i can do it manually inside my code but i got another related problem with the roomeditor (see point 2).

ontop of that and for the case this object compound editor will exist one day :
it would be nice to be able to animate the objects like in unity5. you can combine different sprites into one and create keyframes to create smooth animations out of smaller sprites.

- - -

roomeditor problem : i have alot of identical objects inside the roomeditor that looking totally different in the game. i dont recognize the level mechanics through the visual inside the roomeditor.... i often need to create dummy objects that have only a single usage : camoflage the visual, i use them in the roomeditor to distinct decent obejcts ! they have no real usage for my progam, they only serve me inside the roomeditor and will be exchanged into the real objects as soon the game is started. this is a work-around but not nice. representation inside the roomeditor should be seperate from the ingame shown sprite.



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Your either talking about multiple inheritance, or object merging. Neither is something we're looking to do - sorry.


it doesnt need to be object merging like multiple inheritance in some other programming languages, wich often leads to some trouble....
it would even be a nice advantage to to be able to merge different sprites into one object, beeing treated as one sprite

but its another thing with the room editor, you really should be able to implement this with tiny effort : choosing sprites for ingame and seperated sprite image for the aperance inside the roomeditor. for every instance inside the roomeditor a sprite that represents this instance should be choosable.


What would be really useful, is to be able to choose the displayed frame of the sprite inside the room editor. This would also function as the first frame that is run when the game plays.

I often pack many variations of a sprite into a single object. The object has animation rate of 0, and a random frame is chosen in the create event. Saves having to have 10 objects( say for a rock or tree) when they are all just sprite variations.

If we had a way to choose the starting frame number inside the room editor then some nice options open up. Sure I can choose this starting frame in the instance code, but the room editor won't display this. Btw, many other game engines allow you to do this, and it can be very useful!