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Windows Aspect ratio for Steam Games/Mobile

Discussion in 'Game Design, Development And Publishing' started by 3jgamesdev, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. 3jgamesdev

    3jgamesdev Member

    Jul 9, 2016
    Hi good day,

    I was having a hard time choosing the best resolution for my game, I was looking to upload the game in both Steam and mobile devices, I also made a research what resolution and aspect ratio to use,but until now, I still cant decide if go with that, I am using 1920x1080 game port size for my game and my game is not a pixel game, It was 2d art with almost looks like rayman graphics, so i was targeting that 1080p, also upon searching steam games mostly use 1920x1080, but for mobile it was little bit big, because im going to use big images and im going to get really big game file,anyway

    1.)What do you think? is the recommended resolution for a 2d game like rayman?and why?
    2.) also i was thinking to get 100+ levels, if i use 1920x1080, i can get more than 10k room size each level, i dont know if it was okay or not,
    3.) what are resolution do you use for this kind of game? why?

    Thanks for your help

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