Team Request Artist & Writer - For Mobile Project Zone Gridlock



Hello I am Joshua West (A.K.A) Xskode Media throughout social media (Twitter & Youtube).

I am a Game Designer / game Developer (Game Designer 1st).
I recently finished my last mobile project and released it in googleplay store. you can check it out
from the link >>> 'Don't Blow Me Up!'

I am very skilled with GML and I am looking for an artist and a script-writer that will like to help me
with my next mobile project.

For the Artist:
Zone Gridlock is a side-2d mobile game. because of such the character will only need to be drawn facing the right direction.
and have the following animation(s): run, victory, scared, die, jump, wait, and dialogue image.

the game is just as long as my last mobile game I created for mobile. 'Don't Blow Me Up!' which took me 2 weeks to make. because of such, I say this is a 3 - (6 1/2 weeks Max) project (because of animations and script).

what to expect.
drawing(s) of characters; there are 2 main characters(1male & 1female), and 4(maybe 5) sub characters that you will be able to rescue.
drawing of shields; you will only have to draw one shield. I will simply change the color and use new colour as a new shield.
drawing of bullets; fire, ice, bomb.
drawing of bosses; there are 4 simple bosses.
drawing style: I would like to have it kind of anime like or fantasy like (heck, if you can mix both of those styles that would be awesome)
drawing powerups icons: there are only two power up. But since two powerup can be less fun, i might add at-lease 2 more. the two i have right now is a 'freeze shot' 'Brust shot'.

For The script-writer:
the story is not narrative (except if you're explaining the character's emotion state of some event that just happen. or he slip while running away from the enemy and because of such he was captured (you get the idea)- meaning instead of the game starting with a 'long long ago...' sentence, it starts with a character training at camp or trying to escape from some location. or soldiers busting down the door demanding for gold. << (those were just examples). So it's more (role-play / character experience(es)) and does involve character development.
the story is not complex or deep (however, if you want to give it some level of deepness, then you're free to do so and highly encouraged. nevertheless, it's a rather simply story.

what to expect:
more clarity of story and main plot.
personality of characters

if you are interested or have any question(s), you can reach me two ways:

Subject: artist (or) writer
please use the subject for what you're emailing about. I receive lots of emails.
and I don't want to miss yours. :)

DM me on this site.
Thank you. And I look for to working together!
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