Team Request Artist with Shader Knowledge Needed


Hello GameMakers, I am a programmer in the small team of 2 soundmakers artist and me. Together we are developing game called "The Bottom". As I don't want to make this post too long I will not explain all the Lore and Game World here, instead I will combine a few words with my Final Draft BeatBoard. So in short our game is about team fighting against Tyrany on the planet Humanity inhabbited after Earth became overpopulated and polluted. The Game is draw in Isometric View, but to make it I just use a few functions and coordinate "translation", so it will not effect shaders directly and they will be 2D. The Genre is turn&tile-based Strategy with a few RPG elements, so the closest game of such genre is X-COM probably, but battles in our game will be designed differently.

So, the Shaders we need are varying from, highlighting Enemies when they are under cursor to the Visual effects of Lighting(which is very important as the game will take place on the other planet, so it has to look unique). Also I think it would be good to make shaders for making objects transparent, when the players doesn't see any tile or something due to the camera view.

We are working for the idea actually, so if you join the team you will share any earnings equally with other members (except from soundmakers, this guys are jsut lazy guys, working for themselves :) ). We are on the very early stage of development, but we are working hard. Also our team is quite young and ready for self-development and learning, so we appreciate any artists not too familiar with Shaders, but who are ready to learn them hard and help us.

And lastly, if you want to take part in the development apart with shaders, like drawing illustrations or Environment or even characters, it is only better, as our artist is always happy to share his work with other people and make the project better this way.

So, if you are interested, at least slightly, write me here or in discord: petrik33#0076 .

And I am attaching one screenshot of our game, it is not very informative as we are on the early stage of the development, but we have already done a lot.
Yeah, and I am sorry, for the amount of screenshots, the reason is that GMC can't attach .pdf file.