Team Request Artist looks for a programmer.


I am poor. And have no money to pay you.

All i have are skills, experience (but not much), ideas, time, patience and responsibility.

There's a game-project i've been developing for several months.

What i can?
* draw pixelart, pixelart animations, concept arts, sketches.
* write scenarios and plot.
* wirte virtual music.

About the game
Features: parkour, fighting system with musical basis, deep plot.
Setting: medival fantasy.
Genre: symulator, action, adventure, 2D platformer.

Plot: Dashiell is sent by his master to find the forgotten book of wisdome called "Adonay's Word", that will restore all the knowledges about their misterious world they live in, and bring back harmony and hope they have once lost.

email -
discord - Valentin_M.#5583
telegram - @Val2e

Thank you for reading.