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Hello !
Karamelow's here ~
I'm a concept artist for weapons, items and props and would like to be part of a team for experience and, let's be honest here, a bit of money too x)
I have some past and current experience with Visual Novels as concept/characters/items artist and would like to expand it to other kind of games too.
My favorite genre of games to work on would be RPGs/Point&Click/Simulation and I particularly like the cute "girly" things and/or fantasy stuff, but I think I can work on pretty much anything beside Horror and SciFi?
Here are some samples of my work:

As you can see, I tend to prefer flat colors, but this isn't a problem to add some shading if you wish ~

The rates for concepts are:

- A sheet of 8~10 sketches/ideas would be about 15$
- A lined and clean sheet of concept would be around 25$
- Adding shading would be around 30$ (still for a sheet of 8~10 designs)

I also can provide characters portraits for 15$ to 25$, depending on the details. For example, if your dude or dudette is knight in armor, it would be more on the 25$. If it's a really simple normal looking character, it will be about 15$.

For the portraits characters, I first draw some sketches for you to chose what you prefer most. Then, when you approve a design, you pay me the full price and I provide you the final result as soon as possible.
I know it might sounds a bit scary, but I got scammed several times because I was too lenient on this matter and I don't want it to happen again.
Here are some samples of sketches and final portraits:


- Since concept/character artist isn't my day job, I don't have a proper freelance status nor being part of a company. Thus, I can't really sign any "official" contracts. However, I can agree on substitute contract that you would make, for you to have a proof of what happen between us.
- Due to the previous statement, I'll use Paypal only to be paid and will have to stop business for a while if the amount of money might exceed the legal one for a "no day job" per month, if I'm working longterm with you or your team.
- I'm from France, so please, don't panic if ever I don't answer you in the following hours. I'm simply asleep and will respond as soon as possible x)
- I'm mostly working on weekends, since I'm busy during the week.
- This one is rather obvious, but please, be respectful.

I think I covered all the important matters, but if something isn't clear or you have any question, feel free to ask me anytime!
And if you are interested by my services, please don't hesitate to send a private message! I will gladly talk with you about your project (^ o^)/

In hope to find some awesome/cute project to work on,
~Karamelow ~