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Discussion Art thread: What does everyone struggle with drawing?

Ludo Design

Artists, spriters, etc: What is your biggest challenge with art in your games? What do you struggle with, the most?


The forum's immigrant
At first, I was about to send a report for this thread by the name of it since it sounds like a duplicate of another pinned thread but then I realize its just a discussion on a very specific subject.

Anyway. I never had difficulty in drawing or painting because I am talented in art. However spriting is a challenge for me because Im still novice on it. I still yet to capture a procedure (technique) that allows easy creation of advance art.
Right now I'm trying to find a way to draw realistic looking trees from a bird's eye perspective.

One of the problems is I really can't find any reference images that are clear enough.


Impatiance; the moment I start, I want it finished. The moment the main subject is created, everything else is uninteresting and long. Low energy doesn't help; specialy when your environment is surrounded by people who don't care to make it low. The other problem is consistency in each frame; funny how a walking animation can turn without exemples and it's frustrating when your character takes a new look than its usual. About hands, don't bother with them if they're not important or if the details don't require it; my character doesn't seem to have any... To be honnest, everything is complicated when it's not just boring. And being driven by a feeling that it is all unecessary and pointless doesn't help; but the result is amusing and you continue. It takes patiance to proceed under the feeling that you're walking backward and when being surrounded by some absurd people; so I guess it means that impatiance is.. not... realy... a ... problem ... O. o*


Color Design, it's hard to create color palette for your games.
If there's somebody design the color in your team it's a lot easier to create assets.


My biggest struggle is that I'm never fully satisfied with the results. Even when I'm complimented, my brain tells me I'm just being humored. Lol. It helps to look at old art when you feel like you haven't improved. Even a three-page comic will drastically improve your abilities.