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Portfolio - Art [ART] Ponylab. We'll design Art for your Game (AND UX/UI)


Hey, thank you for your message.
We're pretty good with indies, actually, around 80% of our clients are indies.

But yes, we’re not working with very low budgets.

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.
Thanks and all the best with the game!


Good news: Ponylab is currently in the active rebranding stage.
More great stuff and service coming soon.
Under a new, shiny brand!

And yes, we're open for new projects.
You can get in touch with us here: https://ponylab.studio/

Want professional art for your game?
You can reach Ponylab at hello@ponylab.studio
Сheck our artworks here: https://ponylab.studio
Providing with a quote is free and with no strings attached