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Asset - Extension Array Functions Extension


Available for GMS 2


This extension contains a number of functions to extend the usefulness of arrays. A number of the scripts accept custom functions. You can create custom sorts, custom array searches or filters, and more. Functions include:

Extension Functions
  • array_valid_index
  • array_swap_positions
  • array_copy_shallow
  • array_copy_deep
  • array_add_to_end
  • array_insert
  • array_delete
  • array_splice
  • array_join
  • array_combine_strings
  • array_to_list_shallow
  • array_to_list_deep
  • list_to_array_shallow
  • array_equals_deep
  • array_flatten
  • array_find_index
  • array_find_index_custom
  • array_find_index_last
  • array_find_index_last_custom
  • array_find_index_all
  • array_find_index_all_custom
  • array_every
  • array_some
  • array_filter
  • array_reduce
  • array_sort
  • array_shuffle
  • array_reverse
  • array_for_each_copy
  • array_for_each

Helper Script Templates
  • callback_template
  • sort_template

Sort Script Basics
  • sort_alphabetical_safe
  • sort_ascending
  • sort_ascending

Important notes:

  • This asset is free to use. You can visit the github here.
  • Please read the README!
  • Contact me with questions as I will provide continuing support.


I've updated this asset in the Marketplace to 2.3. In general it exactly the same, but now if allows you to pass in callback functions and is in a script file, rather than an extension, so it is much easier to access the scripts themselves.