HTML5 ARQ1: Cooking for Porkpants


Hey there everyone! So as I am a slave of instant gratification and am allergic to long-term planning, I have decided to start a project in which people give me game requests (usually on twitter) and I make them (usually in one or two days.)
The title "ARQ" stands for "As ReQuested". Feel free to reply with game requests in this topic, I might find some time to work on your ideas if ever I like them :D

Cooking for Porkpants

This game is a family cooking simulator. Your goal is to create one meal which every member of your family will enjoy. Each one has their own likes and dislikes. You will score more points by making a dish people like, and you will lose if even one member dislikes your dish. This game can be played here, in browser or as download:

  • Cooking!
  • Procedurally generated recipes!
  • 10 different endings
  • Click and drag ingredients in the pot to add them to your recipe
  • Click the pot to serve your dish. Make sure it's filling enough for everyone!
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