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  1. Mr Magnus

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    Jun 22, 2016
    Around the world in 80 days: The forum adventure.
    "That then book is nothing but hollow, infernal nonsense I say!" lord Bartholomew shouted over the Reform club to anyone and no-one in particular. He, as many, had been engrossed in the marvelous tale of Phileas Fogg and his trusty servant Passepartout as they ventured the world in 80 days exactly. Unlike many a Londoner however the honorable lord was not impressed by the adventure.

    "Nonsense, I say" he repeated. "None can travel that distance in that time with that ease" he said, dismissing the various challenges Fogg had indeed faced. "Verne should be ashamed of himself for daring to hope the upper crowd would take a single word of this....this..... farce seriously."

    A snicker was heard across from where the lord was seated. "My my, my dear Bartholomew." a gentlemen in a dapper cloak and tophat said calmly. "This is just fiction, no need to get so riled up about it". The lord simply grunted in response and paused. "And even if it is not accurate, who are you to defy it? With modern transportation getting faster by the moment I'm sure that it is only a matter of time before a journey of such grand caliber becomes common day, available to the masses". "Sir Adam", the Lord retorted.

    "Regardless of the steamcraft, the trains, the elephants nor the boats, the aircraft, blimps, automobiles and horses employed I would guaranty you that no man can make this journey. Make it so, I would pay the person who disproves me a sum of twenty thousand pounds in style of the novel".

    Adam simply smiled.
    "Well, we'll see in 80 days, won't we" he calmly stated while looking over the crowd.

    Welcome, one, Welcome all to the journey of your life.

    During the summer I had the immense pleasure of reading Jules Verne " Around the world in 80 days." and since then something like this has been rattling in my head. I want to create a forum rpg out of the tale, and since I want to be a bit more active on this forum I thought this is a fine chance to do it.

    You are one of the many people that was present at the reform club the day the lord Bartholomew the 2nd declared that he shall pay a sum of 20 thousand pounds, a wast fortune. as the adventurer, traveler, greedy person or whatever your motive may be, you accept this offer at your own cost.

    I will be the story teller, crafting the world of a slightly modified and a bit more technologically advanced (but not much) 1873, as vernes novel had just seen English publication. you create and control a character as you travel across the world in hopes of getting around the world before the 80th day is up. What path you take, what transport you employ, how you interact with your fellow players and the NPCs that are scattered around is entirely up to you.

    I'll try and never delay an update more than 2 days, so that every 48 hours those characters that have acted should have received the next part. optimally I'll update each character as often as I can, but I want to strive for quality, not quantity, so don't expect daily updates.

    Want to join? simply fill out the character sheet below. The first part will be released a week from now, at the evening of the 25th of October.

    I'll only host this for 10 characters to avoid overworking myself. join if you really want to join long-term. I'd rather not start with 10 enthusiastic players and then 4 updates into the story half of them are gone. Those that don't respond for several parts mysteriously get killed in the Indian forests by monkeys. be reasonable in your character creation and have fun. You get to control your "difficulty" a bit here: poor characters have a harder time getting anywhere than rich ones, characters that want to go the wrong way around not only are doomed to fail but are adding extra challenge, and those that are jerks to everyone don't get discounts. This journey will be difficult, but how difficulty is all up to you and who your character is.





    Why are you at the reform club:

    What are your starting items (keep them reasonable):

    What is your starting funds (<20 thousand pounds. 1 1973 point ~ 100 2016 pounds):

    Do you have an NPC follower
    (Note, I control the follower as he is not you. I take no responsibility if he is the cause of delays on the journey):

    If yes, provide a character sheet of the follower as well and his relation to you.

    The more interesting, detailed, or reasonable a character is the more likely I'll include them in the story if I have to choose.

    feel free to ask questions or obtain clarifications, leave comments or critique, or simply wish me a good day.

    With hopes this will be entertaining, let's start our grand adventure, shall we?
  2. Mercerenies

    Mercerenies Member

    Jun 21, 2016
    I'd like to reserve a spot. This seems cool. I'll edit this post with a character tomorrow.


    Name: King Phineas III

    Age: 45

    Occupation: King of a small, independent nation

    Description: Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, King Phineas was raised from a young age to inherit the small island nation of Costium. His father died when he was only 15, forcing him to take over the kingdom at an early age. Eventually, however, King Phineas III grew tired. He had seen everything on his island. Everyone revered and respected him. He had everything. So he was overwhelmingly bored with no challenges in life. When he heard about the reform club, he took it as a challenge and immediately decided he wanted to circle the earth.

    Why are you at the reform club: (See description)

    What are your starting items: He is a king, so he wouldn't leave home without his shiny silver-enjeweled sword in its place at his belt.

    What is your starting funds: 5000 Costium dollars, the currency of his local land. Some other civilizations may recognize his currency, but not necessarily all of them.

    Do you have an NPC follower: No, King Phineas wants to complete this challenge alone.
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  3. Benji3199

    Benji3199 Guest

    oke, this was deffinatly not what I was searching for, but I like the idea, so if I can join I will.

    Name: Jake Septer
    Age: 17
    Occupation: Farmers servant (If I understood correct, it starts somewhere around 1873 that wouldn't be very weird?)
    Description: Kind guy from the country-side with an ambition for traveling. He's never to tired to help someone around and is liked by the other villagers cause of this. Although they have some fights once in a time he got's a good connection with his little brother which might be even more interested in some travel adventure than Jake. They don't have much budget, but when they told the fellow villagers about their idea to join this contest they kindly supported them with some money and plenty of supplies.

    I think you meant the place I start from? I guess that would be somewhere in west-europe. Let's take Italy.

    starting items: a make-shift hot-airbaloon (Made from old clothes and reet as support from the farmer), water and food for 10 days. (basic clothes and things). a fire starter and.... did I forgot something important? Please inform me about that.

    budget: As a poor farmers servant I don't have much money, but because of the great some of money in the reward, the villagers gathered 1000 ponds together for the trip.
    NPC: My little brother that is... ehm... 15? years old. His name is Matt Septer.
  4. Mr Magnus

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    Jun 22, 2016

    Looks good, but the field "Why are you at the reform club" is literally "Why are you in the reform club when Lord Bart declares his frustration with the novel as described in the prologue."

    All characters start in the reform club, London, England. Otherwise your character looks promising. Just provide the description of Matt so I can actually give him life that matches somewhat the image in your head. :)
  5. Benji3199

    Benji3199 Guest

    Sorry about that haha. I found that "spoiler" button after posting. Well, in that case I'm from England :p. I was send on a 'trip' to London by the farmer I work for to get some ehm... really no idea what a farmer would need, but I had to get some stuff. I heard some rumours about the contest and went there to check it out.

    About Matt
    He's that kind of boy that always wonders about the world and likes nature. We have a small fight now and than like every sibling would have, but never have it been to bad. He started working for the same farmer as Jake does for about a year now, and he is doing the less havier work. He also made some (for Jake and the other villagers) weird machinery as a hobby. It doesn't always work, but he is very inventing and innovating.

    I hope this was enough
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  6. Mr Magnus

    Mr Magnus Viking King

    Jun 22, 2016
  7. Mr Magnus

    Mr Magnus Viking King

    Jun 22, 2016
    Less than 24 hours until the game begins.

    Anyone else wanting to join? the more the merrier!

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