Arena is a topdown survival game where you use positioning offensively instead of being able to shoot.

I started by picking a simple concept and trying to make the most fun game I could out of it.
I never would've thought I'd actually enjoy a game like this, but I've also never added this amount of polish to a project before.

Presently some of the assets (graphics, audio, etc) may be a little rough as I'm doing everything myself. I'm quite liking the minimalist style though!

If you have any feedback on how to make this simple game more enjoyable please let me know!


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looks like theres some mixed pixel sizes (the cogs in the walls)
Those were definitely upscaled from a previous version and I just haven't gotten around to updating them yet (and to be honest I kindof forgot).
Thanks for reminding me, they'll likely be updated in one of the next few builds.
New update includes a few new ship varieties and android support. Additionally the window/application is now shaped like a mini-handheld controller!