Are there any GameMaker games in the Windows App Store?


If you know of any GameMaker games in the Microsoft App Store...can you post a link.

I have the GameMaker UWP module...and I'm slowly learning how to put games in Microsoft's store.
It's seems to be slightly more complicated than putting a game on sites like and Gamejolt.
Thankfully GM has several good tutorials. (LINK)

(Update 7/26/2020) Here's a GameMaker game by @JORGE VITTORI that's in the Microsoft App Store...

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Windows store tends to be forgotten, despite being integrated into Windows 10 and having plenty of exclusives that have now jumped to Steam. Looks like they dropped it to $20 and $100 for a company. I remember it costing a lot more.

You can start here:

GameMaker 2 has expanded to Switch as of this year or late last year.


the windows store is just yet another failure of microsoft's delusional software distribution schemes.

First it was MSN store, then MSN live, then windows live, then the new windows app store. All 4 have suffered the same terrible fate of dodgy servers, mass service integration(getting too greedy with keeping customers locked in), terrible customer service, limited features, and allowing too much broken software.

Microsoft cares so little about their store front, that they even push their own products in barely usable states. Halo 5 forge is still broken, and gears of war still refuses to connect to servers and blue screen of deaths literally all the time. Things like word and excel in the new universal app format ****ing lag just typing stuff. They don't honor refunds and everything is so dodgy.

Plus, because windows 8 was basically an almost complete failure of the windows Metro app layer(dog **** slow), and because of the windows phone being a failure as well, it doesn't really have a purpose.
The windows universal app, the app store, and windows 8 were supposed to bridge the gap between desktop and phone, and because Intel and broadcom bailed on chips, and microsoft was such a brat about the phones that literally only 2 companies even wanted to make them, the whole platform for all of this fell through. I was so excited to see a phone you could dock and turn it into a windows PC on the fly, but they ****ed it up, and literally only Microsoft is to blame. They killed the windows phone so quick, it wasn't even funny.

So yeah, nobody publishes to the microsoft store, not even microsoft now.
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I think Microsoft should try to actively acquire a lot of indie / GameMaker games for their app store.
They should be contacting developers of the best games...offering lots of incentives and assistance.

Games like this would make the app store own...
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Hello, I know three games made entirely in Game Maker 2 - UWP: Mine. They are published both on the microsoft store and on the Xbox and I can say that I am very satisfied. I was very surprised by the spread of the downloads.
I have had the same games published on Android for over a year and have had less than 50 downloads. Android doesn't advertise your games on the list if you don't pay for advertising. Microsoft has posted my games on the highlights lists several times. In 20 days, I had approximately 1000 downloads. Today, I will really focus on UWP, because it was really worth it for me. My games are: "Ralph 1", "Ralph 2" and "Ralph 3", the latter is free.
I only regret that there is no advertising module for UWP, but I use one of my free games to promote the others that are for sale. I really had a happy surprise. I wish you all success.

Ralph 1

Ralph 2

Ralph 3


Thanks...I just downloaded Ralph 3 and left a 5 star Review. Keep up the good work...
I too am happy with the store...Best response from any of the locations I have / had my games so far (Ex: Amazon)

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