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Hi, everyone!
Let me show you my new game in progress, Archtower!
This is Action/RPG with arcade and roguelite elements.

There is a great Tower in the world of the game. It is always been there. Primitive community of people, organized in family clans, are trying to get into it. You are playing for one of those families. Who knows what will next offspring of your clan find there, a fame, some treasures, or just a painful death.

Every time you die you pick a new character from roster with randomly choosen class. Here are currently available classes:

Uses swords mostly, fast and strong. Resource - Power, replenishes when you defeat your enemies.
Skill - Charge, fast movement forward, can be used to run away, ethier can be paired with a sword attack for offence, that will cost you PP (power points).

Can use sticks, it is slow steady blow, helpful when you are forced to engage in melee combat. Resource - Stamina, replenishes fast, but limited pool size.
Skill - Throwing rock, fast and powerful ranged attack, it can headshot humanoids with increased damage, even player itself, be careful, but if you won't hit humanoid in the head, it will deal little damage if not upgraged.

Can use sticks, it is slow steady blow, helpful when you are forced to engage in melee combat. Resource - Energy, replenishes slowly in battle, and x6 outside of combat.
Skill - Flaming vial, ranged damage over time attack, enemies burn for a few ticks.

Can use sticks, it is slow steady blow, helpful when you are forced to engage in melee combat. Resource - Stamina, replenishes fast, but limited pool size.
Skill - Poison vial, ranged damage over time attack, enemies slowly loss a lot of their health points.
Passive - Poisons resist, reduces duration for Poisons and Toxins that affect a player.

WASD + mouse - movement
Space - jump
LMB - primary attack
RMB - secondary attack
E - talk to npc, pick up items
I - open inventory
Z - drop items from backpack
F - heal potion
M - minimap
Tab - switch first/third-person mode
PageUp - turn on/off fps monitoring and some statistics


Archtower on
Archtower on gamejolt

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Looks nice. I would add a bit more shades/highlights to the character to kind of go with the rest of it.

Nice though.


This game is awesome dude! I love the style and the controls! Its like a roblox dark souls. Although I do think it still has much room for improvement. I played it for a while and I think what I am mostly missing is more feedback that the player is being hit by the enemy. Also the camera is a bit shaky when walking close to walls. Well Im just poppy Harlow Im not supposed to give my own opinion


Patch v0.1.1 is released!

• First-person mode added (press Tab to switch)
• More visuals for debuffs (few variants for first-person too)
• Better hit detection feedback for player (visuals, melee mobs push player)
• Blood - better color scheme, a bit upscaled, a bit more blood from enemies
• Batbirds now screech when alerted, for easy and normal difficulties
• HUD is now scaled for large monitor resolutions
• Fixed problem when game is broken if shaders don’t work
• Overall FPS increase through optimization
• Other minor changes and fixes



Much-to-fix Patch v0.1.2 is released!


• better third-person camera, almost no twitching
• better throwing rocks ricochet
• rocks won’t stuck when you throw them staying near walls
• fixes for first-person mode, better aiming, effects for charge skill of fighter class
• window mode is working now (press alt+enter to switch)
• enemies have a pathfinding now
• better agro for enemies, they will be alert from near noises of throwing rocks, or broken glass
• boss at second phase will get a little time to cast its teleport, so player can be ready for it
• on easy mode is possible to headshot elite cultists, even if they are invisible
• hp of player and enemies were doubled and damage system rebalanced to adapt it
• if you press sword attack during fighter’s charge its will strike up to 3 targets with increased damage
• blood spots can now stay on walls as well as on the floor
• better color scheme for poisons (bottles, gas)
• internal code improvements for more comfortable use of it later in development

for testing purposes in debug mode only (press PageUp):
• you can see hp of enemies in debug mode, not sure if it looks good or bad, can be considered as an option/upgrade for the future versions
• you can skip right to the next descendant hero pressing shift+delete
• press B to spawn blood on your hero


Road-to-the-Tower Patch v0.1.4 is released!

• tutorial added, as a bit of first new content and a piece of story
• surname is not random anymore, it is always Montekker
• names are less comical now
• throwing stone won’t oneshot player anymore, it deals 8 damage instead, in cases of self-headshot
• sound of steps on the grass added
• fixed pathfinding issues of birdbats

more pics:



Battle-text Patch v0.1.5 is released!

• battle text added (press PageUp to see it)
• damage over time system is reworked for better use in future updates and for battle text feature
• minimap is now centered at hero location, it also more transparent and has lesser size, it is planned to add those parameters to settings for player in future updates
• throwing rocks have lesser collision mask now, for more convinient game expirience
• goblins got a bit slower run speed
• spikes a bit darker to better notice, some places with spikes are redesigned
• first person camera allow you to look a bit lower and higher
• some changes and fixes for tutorial
• fixed a bug, where third potion position was incorrect on large monitors
• fixed a bug, when it happens sometimes with slow diagonal movements
• other minor fixes

Hi mate, just wanted to ket you know I'm getting this error appearing just after the menu screen. Screen goes white, and then this...
action number 1
of Create Event
for object o_hero:

local variable healclass(100001, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
at gml_Script_gml_character_gen
stack frame is
gml_Script_gml_character_gen (line -1)


Settings & Upgrades Patch v0.1.8 is released!

• new animated title screen
• title menu with settings, fully working with mouse
• escape menu pauses the game and gives you access to settings
• aim settings (show/hide) added
• battletext settings (show/hide) added
• enemy hp settings (hpbar/digits/hide) added
• blood settings (off/less/normal/more) added
• mouse sensitivity (both axis) added
• keybind settings added, now you can remap almost every action/button as you wish
• volume settings added
• shader settings (show/hide) added
• window mode settings added
• language selection (rus/eng) added
• minimap settings (size and visibility) added
• level unlocks with difficulty modes act separatedly, if you unlock floor at higher difficulty level, it will do so for lower ones, but not vice versa
• now you can loot gold coins and crystals for upgrades
• if you die you will loose your unsaved loot, it saves at level end, also if you have specific tower upgrade, you have a chance to pick it up with next character, if it won’t die in a row
• fire traps now spit out actual jets of fire
• goblins now can activate spikes and even die if hesitated
• npc text speeches are now in speech clouds, kind of
• boss now have flat damage reductions, 5 flat phisical resist, 2 flat elemental, and strongly reduces poisons dot duration
• random roster is added, every time when you get a new char (starting from title menu, or restarting after death), you now have a random roster to pick a new character from a few candidates
• now you have acsess to a camp (wip), there you can buy some upgrades
• tower upgrades (chance to pick up dropped loot, +1 medicine pot from start, pots cure poisons/toxins/burns, +1 random roster increase)
• skill upgrades, stick and sword got straight forward upgrade line, but other skills can be specced in one of two upgrade ways, respecc is possible
• medicine pots now heal over time, but fast as well
• tutorial fixes/changes
• other minor fixes/changes
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Inventory & Stats Patch v0.2.0 is released!

• coins cost and gains rebalanced
• boss is redone and simplier
• melee attacks stop you from flying through enemies
• gamemaker limited lighting system added (a bit buggy sometimes)
• inventory and equipment systems implemented
• if you die you drop your belongings and can try retake it, if you have that tower upgrade
• inventory has unlimited slots, but items have weight, and too much weight can slow you down, based on how much overweight is
• you can now change weapons, even fist fight your enemies
• inventory can be sorted by name, by item quality color, by weight and by item type, ascending or descending
• your character is saved if you are alive
• in the camp your HPs regenerate slowly
• your character can 1) go away with loot, 2)run away with a chance to drop backpack, 3)just be replaced by next hero (in the tower), 4)and go for retiement (in the camp)
• your character can got exp and rise levels, limit is 5 for now
• jump speed is decreased by 20% for smoother jumping
• spike traps damage decreased and rebalanced for difficulty levels
• texture flush added at the end of the levels for optimization
• gamepad is supported now (90% of the time for now)
• autoscale enhanced
• projectiles now have a trail
• upgrades are reworked, no 'way only' choices, now more like 'take what you want more' choises
• debuffs show on mobs above their heads and hpbars
• batbirds and gobloids been slowed down a bit more
• characters have stats STR, DEX, INT. HP, weight capacity and weapon damage are calculated with formulas based on those stats
• tutorial intro adapted for new systems
• characters now have resources for their skill usage: power, stamina, energy, based on class type


Camp and Banners Edition Patch v0.2.1 is released!

• you can find treasure chests with loot
• elite blue cultists now have armor on hard difficulty (1 flat ph. damage reduction)
• weapons now can do critical hits, chance based on DEX, bonus damage based on STR
• when you leave tower you go to camp
• new rare mob variations, chance based on difficulty and level
• coin/crys magnet, coins and crystals now move to the player if near
• improved effects like poisoning, bottle breaking, explosion decals
• weapons now have damage random range instead of fixed value
• added new armors (light and clothes)
• added banners for factions
• new prop elements for camp (tents, fence, banners)
• fixed elements that didn't autoscale to resolution
• fixed moments when bats won't aggro if rock hit them on cellar
• you can change scale by pressing Shift + Num+, Shift + Num-
• better pathfinding
• bats move more alive
• added v-sync option for settings
• you can enter windowed fullscreen mode by pressing Alt+Enter, that may fix 144Hz monitor problem when FPS is too high
• lamps relocated for better lightning
• spikes are much easier to see now
• melee attacks move you forward with less force
• when you level up you will heal hp ammount that you got hp max increased
• kinda fixed problem when mouse sensitivity on large monitors was too high (testing is needed)
• you save your looted coins and crys when you run away and don't loose your backpack


Low-Rez and Stash Edition Patch v0.2.2 is released!

• there is a stash chest in the camp now, you can store your items there
• added low-rez old-school imitation setting (works only with shaders on)
• added option to hide mini cooldowns near cursor aim
• added Y-axis inverted option
• added new weapon type - knives, poisoner have knife as a starting weapon now
• now you can equip items to extra slot by holding Shift
• improved item descriptions, alse you can compare items to worn equips while holding Shift (if you have saved data from previous versions old items won't show correct descriptions, dropping them is recommended)
• items have different sounds when you drag/drop/use them
• added lighting system to intro and camp as well
• torches and flames have glowings
• if you enter combat you can leave it in 5 secs if no hurt was dealt or to hero, either to enemies (out of combat some resource types regenerate faster, like Energy Points and Stamina Points)
• added relax system for energy resources: out of combat if you don't move completely you will enter relax state after 5 seconds, it boosts Energy only resource to replenish even faster
• added battle text to hero being hurt/healed situations
• added pop-ups to main stats and sorting buttons when you hover mouse over them
• level draw optimization boosts fps on old PCs
• rework and improvement for dot system, resists and armor types
• now hp ammount saves with character
• added auto scale to upgrade windows
• circular cooldowns on action bar now go clock-wise, in traditional way
• item names and descriptions is localized and change when you change language
• frame and background added to pop-up of item pick ups for better visibility
• medicine pots now heal 1/3 of it power instantly and other part over time
• damage formulas improved, swords, sticks and fists damage based on STR, knives damage based on DEX
• vagabond throwing rock upgrades changes - first tier, second upgrade, -25% body damage penalty removed
• bag fixed when goblin screams overlayed over each other too loud
• bag fixed when game crashed with map on in camp
• bag fixed when crits in intro didn't show right
• bag fixed when sometimes wrong lamps were turned on in the level start
• bag fixed when you lost your inventory if you go to intro and choose to run away
• bag fixed when null character created if you don't have any characters and choose to run away from intro
• bag fixed when elite mobs appered in wrong places
• bag fixed when camera went through floor if you looked up in firstperson
• bag fixed with weight of backpack calculation
• low-rez fix added - see Controls in Description (Fixes)
• fast fps fix added - see Controls in Description (Fixes)
• other fixes


Skills & Animated Menus Edition Patch v0.2.3 is released!

What's new:

• attack speed (based on DEX, class passives, items)
• accuracy (based on DEX, class passives, items), affects throwing bottles, rocks, maximum to 100% for reduction, above 100% goes to +headshot damage
• skill damage power (based on STR+INT)
• cast speed (based on INT), but no casting skills yet
• passives for every class (vagabond +5% accuracy, fighter +5% attack speed, firestarter +5% energy damage)
• upgrades for passives
• PP/TP/EP potions added (if you have such upgrades)
• new skills window (default keybind - U), allows skill upgrades in tower, for respec you still have to go for your family npc trainer
• notification at the left lower corner when you meet requirements for upgrade
• skills grow in power grow based on char level and stats (rock - DEX+STR, posion - INT+DEX, flames - INT)
• DEX classes use trick points (TP) instead of stamina (SP)
• new items - simple necklace, cheap ring
• first secret area
• when you get expirience it shows on hud near exp bar
• trap chests
• sprite turns for enemies (testing this system)
• critical hit resistance, boss has it
• headshot resistance, boss has it
• animated menus, pop-ups on items and stats (can be turned off/less/more in settings), sound effect for menu opening/closing
• tips for gamepad controls
• new settings category Extra, for nerdish specific settings
• settings for disabling/enabling melee attack dash
• melee dashing adjusted for higher attack speeds
• adjustments for poison resistance
• poisoner passive gives 15% poison resistance
• fists (no weapon) now have damage spreading
• armor / energy armor adjustments - half of armor goes to flat damage reduction, other half goes to resistance rating (1% of physical/energy resistance per every 10 points)
• new sprite for throwing rock skill
• GUI adjustments, control tips on skill bar
• open barrels with use button (default - E)
• chosen camera mode (1st/3rd person) saves when game is closed
• new algorithm for healing from drink
• settings for minimap right away, don't have to go for settings menu (scrolling - change size, scrolling+cntrl - change transparency)
• fighter won't get power points (PP) per enemy slain during charge
• enemies have damage spreading for melee, with this and armor/resistances intact overall dps increasement for enemies, especially for hard difficulty
• full support for gamepad
• prevented extra crashes if item sprites doesn't exists (for example: when you play older version of game after newer one, not recommended, though)
• landing sound when jumping straight in the place, at last!
• fixes for key showing on minimap
• fixed some pop-ups going over screen borders
• bug fixed, batbirds could hit you from ceilng
• bug fixed, extra sounds with stash openning
• bug fixed, item sound when trying to use empty inventory/stash slot
• other adjustments and fixes


Some New Content Edition Patch v0.2.5 is released!

Download: Link

What's new:
• after boss battle you now have treasure chests with loot and exit gate
• new secret rooms
• new armor pieces - helmets
• maximum level raises to 10, after you beat cultist boss
• head bobbing (can be turned on/off)
• some armor pieces have innate bonuses, for example cloth armor increases your resource pool
• field of view settings
• new weapons - bows
• green loot (better quality), those items have prefixes, item names are generated according to prefixes
• prefixes (hpmax, accuracy, attack spd, cast spd, crit damage, crit%, armor, energy armor, capacity, resists)
• mobs can crit
• second weapon attack (default - 'RMB')
• weapon swap action (default - 'C')
• skillbar shows equipped weapons on weapon attack buttons
• if atack speed goes over 200% it converts to multistrike
• new classes - Archer, Vandal
• rage resourse for STR-based classes, it refills in combat, slowly decreases out of combat, and drops drastically in relax state
• indicator of combat/relax state is shown near hp bar
• heavy armor, heavy helmet (starts to drop after beating first boss)
• shields, shield slam
• energy armor improves from INT stat
• simple blob shadows for objects
• useful keybind tips (weapon swap, camera mode, minimap, skills, inventory) above skillbar is shown (can be turned on/off)
• new perks for skills on 8 and 10 levels
• new tower upgrades, you gain them after beating the boss (faster camp hp regen, hp pots remove bleeds (no bleeding mobs for now, so its useless), roster pool increase +2)
• after you beat boss level you gain notification about new unlocks
• new status effects implemented: bleeds, fear, slowment, weakness (decreases weapon damage)
• new damage type: sonic, has no resists, but strikes for half damage on bosses
• new battle mechanics: partial armor ignore, cast interruption
• license.txt composed to give appropriate credits to some sounds I took from internet, some of them will be replaced by my own ones, but some will stay as they fit perfectly in (like rain sound from intro and goblin sreams)
• minimap remembers your previous explorations
• shop keeper at camp now works, you can buy/sell items with him, from start his stock is short, but it will widen as you conquer the tower
• gray loot implemented, it drops from time to time and can be only sold to merchants, there is a "sell all junk" button in the shop window
• item description pop-up is reworked, also selling/buying cost is now showing there
• added little visual effect to headshots
• batbirds are slightly redrawn to be more spotable
• better movement inertia, some slower movement
• all mobs have decreased running speed, and they dodge a bit less
• coins drop less from barrels, more from chests
• reworked drop lists
• more predictable fire traps on level 1-3
• hp regens at camp much faster
• spike traps do impulse attacks with cooldown
• mellee attack dash removed from main weapon attack, setting for that removed too, dash added to second weapon attack
• boss changes: can be bodyshoted by throwing rock, energy and posion resists are drastically decreased
• you can autoattack if you hold main weapon attack button
• by default primary skill moved from 'RMB' to 'Q', second weapon attack now goes to 'RMB' bind
• simplified requirement to equip, instead of main stats it requires 'masteries', list of those can be seen in class based passive skill description
• stalthed mobs now can be headshotted properly, but they turn completely invisible at some range (based on difficulty)
• attack speed pop-up description now shows multistrike stat, instead of dps
• body and mental resists are based on STR and INT stats
• skill usage cost is shown on skillbar, if resource is not enough skill image goes dark to indicate this shortage
• attack speed bonus from DEX is rebalanced
• changed names for difficulty levels, difficulties have descriptions
• rebalanced swords damage range
• shift for slow movement
• little nerf for damage perk of poison jar
• charge sound is replaced
• better collisions with non attacking enemies
• PP, TP and EP potions now shown on minimap
• damage formulas take weapon speed into account
• bug fixed with wrong working sliders in settings
• bug fixed when difficulty level could be dropped to easy after showing intro text screen and going back after that
• new mouse sensitivity fixes (tests and feedback are needed)
• little fixes for minimap
• no more crazy camera rotations when game window loses focus
• bug fixed when skill upgrades didn't update cooldown info until next tower level
• bug fixed when your speed were affected by toxins only after you drop your movement speed to zero
• other fixes