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Android Application does not work when I export 2nd font.

My application uses 2 fonts. The 2 fonts are the same, but with different sizes. One for the title and one for the rest of the game.


There is already a problem that the gamemaker does not recognize the folder: C:\Windows\Fonts


Because of that I have to make a copy of the font on the desktop to be able to select.

I added one font at a time, when adding the first one the app ran normally. When I added the second, the application stopped opening.

I removed the second source and the application still had the same problem. Even removing the remaining font, the application does not work again.

Apparently the application was corrupted, since undoing the changes did not make it work again. To be able to test it again, I will need to delete the project and start a new one from the most recent backup I have (before making any changes).