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GMS 2 Apple Sign-in documentation?


Does anyone know if there was documentation about using the Apple Sign-in extension for the Mac (@Nocturne)? I feel like I've seen it at some point, but no amount of Googling or digging has turned it up for me.

I'm having trouble getting the Apple Sign-in to build and run for me on Mac VM. It builds as expected, but when I have the "Enable Apple Sign-In option" ticked in the Social tab of Mac options, it will not start on my Macbook. Whereas, if I remove that option and rebuild, I can run it on my Macbook. When I check the crashlog it indicates that there may be a signing issue. I found a single line on the extension listing in the Marketplace that indicates that you have to have a provisioning profile in the Included Files for the Mac VM? I need more information around that as my builds don't even seem to be using a provisioning profile anymore. I'm definitely confused! :)