Mac OSX Apple Developer Program required to build even non-codesigned executable? (Solved!)


I'm on a Mac. I've got a Apple Developer account, but I'm not currently paying for the Apple Developer Program. I added my account to XCode and created myself a macOS Development Certificate.

I can do a regular development build or debugger build just fine, it's only when creating a macOS executable that I get the following error:

2017-10-22 21:24:10.495 Application Oven[46491:2521754] /usr/bin/security unlock-keychain -p DummyPassword
2017-10-22 21:24:10.513 Application Oven[46491:2521754] /usr/bin/codesign -f -o kill -s 3rd Party Mac Developer Application --entitlements /var/folders/28/jnjhhsv12tb7vw88lhnkpwz40000gn/T/App-Oven.eTPh8O/Mac_Runner.entitlements /Users/rob/GameMakerStudio2/Mac/GMS2MAC/Pumpkin
3rd Party Mac Developer Application: no identity found
I've got my Team Identifier setup in both general Preferences and my app's Game Options. I made sure to clear out the Signing Identifier field since I'm not worried about a signed executable yet. Do I have to be subscribed to the $99 Developer Program to make any executable, even if I don't plan to distribute it via the App Store?

I have the same setup. Got an old Apple Developer account on my machine, but no paid up for a few years now.

When you say regular development build, what do you mean, running the game within the IDE?

I can make a Mac executable with no problems as long as I delete the Signing Identifier from the MacOS Options.

By default the current version of GMS 2 repopulates the Signing Identifier with the text "Developer ID Appliation:" every time I restart my IDE, so I have to remember to delete it each time I want to do a Mac App build.

Have you unticked Build For Mac App Store, I think its under Packaging options.



First, I am from Spain so I apologize for my English.

I know it has been a long time since this thread started, but this is one of the few threads I've found on this topic so I want to contact you regarding the issue of building and publishing for Mac.

I am an amateur GM developer. I don't have a background on Computer Science, but I am an Engineer and have some notions of programming. So, I started learning GM and GML and soon I tried to create small games. I have a small game finished now that I would like to publish and give away for free so that people can enjoy it and send feedback to me. In those 2 years of experience with GM I had to solve many problems and learn a lot of things regarding video game design and coding, but I managed to solve everything using the Manual and this Forum. Now I am at the point of Building the application and publishing it and I am finding the strongest barriers and difficulties of the whole process. I am perplexed by the lack of information about the issue of publishing for MacOS. I find myself lost in a world of Apple IDs, Certificates, Xcode versions and OSX compatibilities... Apart from the Apple Official Site, I couldn't find any post, YouTube video or Website with valuable information and discussions about this. It feels to me like a big emptiness for a crucial issue that should affect a lot of people. I did't expect this at all. Apple has a strong policy on developing for its platforms (that involves certifications and money) and I think a bigger discussion on this issue from the users' side would be very valuable.

When I started developing my small games I was very focused on the development process and I never thought that the process of publishing would be such a problem. I see a lot of small games published for Mac and many people use Mac computers nowadays, so I didn't expected such a alack of information. I've been struggling for a couple of days now with this and I got some things clear now, but still the infamous interface of the Xcode gives me chills.

Well, I would like to ask you a couple of questions as a way of sharing the information that each of us may have:

1) I have a pretty old Mac computer (MacBook end of 2009, updated to OSX EL Capitan) and I've managed to use Game Maker Studio 2 IDE. So far this computer has served me, but I am afraid that the publishing step will force me to buy a new Mac. And it would really piss me off that I have to buy a new Mac only because of the publishing step. I would like to publish my games for Windows and Mac (that is why I bought the GM Desktop license) but the Xcode compatibility requirements are totally out of reach. Do you think I have any chance of keeping this computer? (Note: I am not interested in publishing for the App Store)

2) I don't know very well how I did it, but while I was trying to build a executable of my game I build an app that can run on my Mac without any problem. I would like to send it to you so you can test it and check if I could maybe upload it to and make it available to people. Would you like to try it? It would be very helpful to me. I tried to reproduce the process but now I can't create another build, so I only have this one, but it is finished.

Thank you very much for your attention and feel free to share any thoughts you may have on this.