Released Apolune 2 - Deep Space Mining (with friends!)


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Originally, I wanted to write a game for Atari VCS -- when TrogdarRobusto @ Atari VCS Backers Discord approached me. Unfortunately despite submitting content to Atari I've heard NOTHING back from them for 5 months now, but I hope to one day release it on their Atari VCS Store.

So, I released it on Steam. This was the LEAST successful launch I've ever had of a PC game, despite the game being decent and the number of curators who responded being decent as well. I sold 5 copies the first week -- and I think I knew exactly who bought all 5 because they were my close friends. Goes to show you how tough it can be to make Indie Games! Please help Lost Astronaut Studios keep on truckin' by sharing Apolune 2 with your friends. I hope there's some true indie supporters out there who will help our sales numbers :( .. I don't make games just for $$$, but it is hard to justify the time and toil you have to put in if only your close buddies play your game. I enjoyed testing it with them, but I didn't write it just for them, I wrote it for you and you and you and...

Apolune 2 allows up to 8 simultaneous players to experience the life of an asteroid miner in deep space. A tragic comedy set in outer space.


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From the store page:

About This Game
Apolune 2 is a stand-alone adventure single player and local co-op game set in the asteroid belt. You and your team of astronauts are asteroid miners on a mission to make spacebucks, survive and thrive in deep space. Fill the local high scores to challenge your friends and family to a fantastic experience. Use STEAM Remote Play to play the game with your friends online. Collect resources, buy upgrades and fight aliens and space pirates! Apolune 2, sequel to Apolune: the Endless Bullethell Shooter, arrives with splash on STEAM. Apolune 2 is a controller-friendly game that is super easy to pick up and play.

  • Simultaneous Co-op:
    • 2 players on Keyboard Only
    • 1 to 4 players with XBox controllers, and
    • 1-8 players with DirectInput * see notes below
  • Repair, mine, shoot, collect!
  • Fight off enemies like aliens and space pirates!
  • Trade with interstellar merchants
  • High score name entry
  • Fun, casual and fun to play with friends!
  • Lo-fi instant classic!

How to Multiplayer:
  • If you don't want to use the keyboard, you will need at least one controller connected.
  • Two players can play using just the Keyboard, or a combination of 1 or 2 controllers and the keyboard. It is also possible for one person as players 1 and 2 to use the keyboard with a "third" controller plugged in so a second player can play.
  • If you have XInput Controllers (XBox 360 or later, known as XInput Controllers) only up to 4 of these will be detected. That is the limit of XInput.
  • If you mix and match with DirectInput controllers (non-XInput controllers known as DirectInput controllers, "Gamepads", like USB retro controllers like the PS2/3/4 style or NES or SNES style, anything generic non-XBox-looking generally) you can get up to 8 people controlling individual players with controllers, or a mix of keyboard and controllers.

P.S. I've had mixed luck with Remote Play and GameMaker. GameMaker seems to make streaming difficult sometimes. The latency was huge for SpaceGameJunkie when he played my first GameMaker game, Fringes of the Empire (unfinished).