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Android Apks and Android

Sorry if this is not the correct forum for this question, which is....

Can I build an apk that can be uploaded and accepted by the Google Play console, in order to add my Game Maker Studio games to the Google Play store?

If the answers is Yes and apks built with the Studio can be added to Google Play, is the answer the same for Appe's IOS platform?

Is in-apt billing supported by Game Maker 8 Studio?

What about Google's new App Bundle.... Google is going to force this format in August of 2021. Will That be an issue for Game Maker Studio?

I'm asking these questions because I'm thinking about investing in Game Maker 8 Studio.
Google Play Store requires all dev upload their product as .aab not .apk. The IAP in the Google Play Services extension in the marketplace is for GMS2. And fyi it is going to be obsolete by this August unless YoyoGames release update for it, as it now require support v.3 billing (I can't recall the exact name). Also all .aab have to support API 30 by August. GMS2 have no problem with all these. I don't know about GMS8
Looks like GMS is going to get broken too after August. Google is pretty much forcing anyone who wants to develop on android to either use Unity (cost $$$$$$ per month) or use Java and Android Studio and the latter is the way I choose to go. I've been a python programmer for years but this month, I'll be learning Java so I can start my long and painful leaning of Android Studio and Google SDK 30 APIs.

At least when Google decides to make some major change, I can rest assured, Android Studio will support what ever updates they make first and foremost. Unity is well supported so I expect it to be ready for .aab formatting by August if not already. Hell... Google is even going to kill the Kotlin programming language out of android app usage. I know this is true because when I upload my latest update to my Google Play Console, I received the message from Google that my app used Java/Kotlin and that I should stop using Kotlin because Kotlin will not be supported by what ever new code changes they made to track statistics for apps (on their end).

What sucks about it all too is the fact, by choosing to go with Java and Android Studio, I can't really develop for IOS because Apple has it's own SDK and so forth.

These companies really do not make anything easy for developers.

Python Programming for Android devices


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Game Maker 8 Studio
Uhhhh... are we talking about GameMaker 8 or GameMaker Studio 2 here? You're a couple decades early for GameMaker Studio 8 to exist.

Assuming that you're not talking about 12 year old unsupported software, the roadmap contains OS Updates in Q3 2021. What exactly this entails can of course not be known unless an official announcement is made, but let's say that if the choices are to either update something or lose all Android customers, one of those two choices is objectively superior from a company's point of view.
GM8 is obsolete, it's even more obsolete than GMS1.4, the current supported is only GMS2. GMS2 supports .aab since 2019, and .aab will be the only extension to upload to the Play Store by this August. GMS2 supports API 16 to 30 and potentially any newer API, which GM8 doesn't. The only real issue with GMS2 is the trailing Google Play Service extension from the marketplace. It's unfortunately not maintained in a timely manner. But I have heard directly from YoyoGames customer service staff during my most recent communication with them, an update for the GPS extension is coming. Exactly when it'd be rolled out wasn't disclosed, but those of us who develop for Android target and are using IAP in their product will be anxiously waiting for its release. Especially the updated Billing Library portion which need to provide support for version 3 or newer, otherwise their IAP won't work beyond August until it is updated. But if you are to invest in GM then it should logically be with GMS2 not GM8.

I think you're probably mistaken about Google phasing out Kotlin. If anything Kotlin was developed and introduced in 2017 with intention as alternative to Java if not as potential replacement, and will introduce Fuchsia within the next 5 years to further reduce reliance on Java due to their legal battle with Oracle.
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Tom Pierik

Okay, if i'm correct about the reading above, the gms2 Google Play Service extension is not working correctly?

I can't get the Google Play-game services connection and have a correct set up between the OAuth 2.0 client ID and the Sha1 key from the sign-cert in gamamaker and the one in the Google dev console.

Do i also have to wait for the new GPS from Yoyo games?
Okay, if i'm correct about the reading above, the gms2 Google Play Service extension is not working correctly?
I never said it's not working correctly. I said the extension needs updating to meet the August 2021 deadline requirement as guideline by Google otherwise it will stop working as after August 2021 it will become outdated. I haven't set up oAuth2.0 client since I've no need for that in my apps. So I've no idea what the problem you're facing, but I'd suggest try double checking the ID and Key you use to set it up, maybe you used a wrong one.