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Android Anyway to get d-pad down working on Android?



I have been curious about this for a while, but I always moved on instead of trying to figure it out.

But is there anyway to get d-pad down to work on Android?

Doing a check of gp_padr/l/u works on Android, however checking gp_padd doesn't register, and checking vk_down also doesn't register when using the Android controllers I've tried.

This makes it difficult to make any games with Amazon Fire TV support, as the Remote Control only has a d-pad for navigation, and 1 of the directions cannot be used.

It doesn't look like this was an issue in older versions of GMS, as there is a tutorial on the Amazon website of someone making a game in GMS, and they specifically mention how 'down' on the Amazon Fire TV Remote maps to gp_padd in Game Maker. However this hasn't worked since at least GMS 2.2.5 in my testing.

So far the controllers I've tested are:

Amazon Fire TV Remote Control (With the 2nd Gen Fire Stick)
OUYA Controller

Both of these have the same result, of the other d-pad directions working, but not down.

Pressing down on the controllers also doesn't seem to 'ping' any response when doing a loop to check for any gamepad button presses, or keyboard key presses.

Not really urgent for me, as I'm not planning on releasing a game for Android that uses gamepads, but I thought I'd bring it up, as it's pretty odd.


i used many of the functions listed in this page https://docs2.yoyogames.com/
and they all work, I tested using Xbox, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo switch pro controller, all of these controllers worked

and yes that includes gp_padd it always worked with me

gamepad_button_check( gamepad_slot, gp_padd ) <<< this does work if you press down on the gamepad


Hmmm, interesting. It definitely doesn't work with the Amazon Fire TV remote though, so it's something that should be looked at. I might have to file a bug ticket with YYG.


just for your information, if you are testing on windows not all controllers work out of the box, only Xbox controller work because its made by Microsoft, for PlayStation and Switch controllers i had to use steam
because steam support this controllers, but you have to import your game into steam then run the game from steam



I also was having some trouble with the Fire Tv Remote so I made a small program to just display what is being triggered when I press any button.
What I found was the up/left/right on the dpad will trigger gp_padu/gp_padl/gp_padr but pressing down won't trigger gp_padd.

What I also found was that pressing the dpad will trigger keyboard keypresses so E.g pressing up will trigger gp_padu and vk_up together.
And, pressing down on the dpad will trigger vk_down.

So, for the FireTv Remote I look for keyboard keypresses rather than gamepad button presses.