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Design anyone got suggestions for enemy types?


I've been working on this shooter, where you can only shoot at a single point in the center of the screen. I've got 2 different enemies right now, one that charges at the player, and one that orbits the center point and occasionally fires a laser. I'm currently having a hard time coming up with more enemy types. does anyone have any suggestions?

Here is a demo of the game if you want to try it!

your ship follows your mouse, left click to shoot, right click when a meter is full to fire a missile. shoot enemies to fill your meter


I'm new here, but, I may have a few ideas:

How about a enemy, that zig-zags while shooting, and slowly makes it way to the player?
Or maybe a enemy that orbits at the center, aims towards you, and then charges fast?
Or, how about, a enemy, that would shoot multiple lasers in a spread?

Edit: Just discovered the date. Welp, great. Off to a good start!