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Question - IDE Any way to snap rotate in room editor?



So i'm making some rooms. And have some diagonal walls i wanna place down. I figured instead of making 4 different objects for pointing 4 different ways, it'd be better to just have one, and rotate it to my needs.

You can double click and change the rotation manually. Or drag near the corners to rotate. But i'm missing some way of snapping to certain degrees when rotating by hand.

In the sprite editor, you can rotate a brush and hold down shift to snap it 45 degrees. That seems to be missing in the room editor, or it's somehow turned off. Can i turn it off? Or is it not a thing, and if so, any place to suggest an addition?



I'd like to know that too, because that function seems essential for that kind of room editor. I'd imagine holding ctrl, shoft or alt should rotate with snapping, bu no.
I haven't found any other option than manually typing angle for instance.