GML Any way to find Socket IDs while using UDP?


So the server object and the client object both exist at the same time. But the client object on the host's (server) game seems to intercept certain packets.

Basically I have it set up like this:

Client sends a little packet to the server
Server gets that packet and returns a handshake packet to the client
The client sends their info to the server
Server reads and stores the client info, server then sends a server info packet to the client
Client then tells the server that they are joining
Server then gets their info and tells that specific client to go to the rm_mp_game room and tells all clients to create an obj_entity object at a position determined by the server (included in the packet)

Problem is is that the client object on the host's game recieves the last packet mentioned above and creates the entity as normal, but the clients that are trying to join never even change their room and seemingly never even get the packet because I don't get an error saying something like "Layer 'Entities' doesn't exist"

So I'm wondering if maybe it's an issue with the server not sending the packets through the correct sockets, but I'm not sure if this is even possible since as far as I know UDP only keeps tracks of the IP and Ports the packets come through, and not sockets.