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Question - Code Any way to add semicolons automatically?


Is there any way to add semicolons properly for 80.000 lines of GML code for using YYC? I can predict that it will be hard, but may be some of you offer me a solution that makes it a little bit easier.


Short of writing a program that can parse your GML out and add them, I don't think so. It'd be kinda tough to write it unless you're very familiar with string manipulation AND GML syntax rules.

But this makes me think: One thing that would be pretty awesome would be a config option in the code editor to treat missing semi-colons as a syntax warning, and highlight the missing space where they belong.


Search for "var" and make sure you have semicolons on all those lines. The rest probably won't matter but those absolutely can cause strange things.


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As of the current versions, semicolons shouldn't matter for YYC - you can verify by comparing a .cpp file generated for GML file with semicolons versus one for a GML file without any