Any sprite I try to draw and move stutters SOLVED in GMS1 how can I do it in GMS2?



So i've been away from game maker studio for some months I come back want to make a moving background in loop and then is started...

1)I tried using draw_sprite
2)I tried the layer functions
3)I tried the checkboxes on the background layer
4)My interpolation between pixels is unchecked
5)I use views/viewports 1920x1080 each /5 -> 384x216 is the roomsize and the view and then I change the viewport to 384x216 xSomthing -> viewport
6)I have used 5different devices all the same result
7)it doesn't need to be super smooth or anything I just don't want my sprites to not move back -1 pixel every 3-4sec for no reason.
//For moving the sprites I tried somthing simple but even simple doesn't work xd...
origin_x = 0;
hspd = 1;
origin_x += hspd;
I used create/step/draw the standard events.

PS: Now I go back to older projects I see it 2, but I mean my maps were pretty small so I never really pushed walking long enough to see it happend but with the moving background it really becomes obvious that there is somthing wrong.

I also tried changing the sleep margin at the moment it is set at 10

google drive: Executable in zip (so no installation) so you can if you want to help check the problem. I mean it's not the biggest lag thing in the world but it is there on all my devices and my game feels like broken because of this :/...

**** my life, thank you in advance.

EDIT: I SOLVED IT in game maker studio 1 using the in the option menu "Alternate synchronization method" option! But i'm using GMS2 what should I do now?
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