Steam Any clear, up to date guides on Steampipe - uploading a game to Steam? [SOLVED]


Just learning about Steampipe / uploading games to Steam and releasing them within Steamworks, I'm following this outdated video guide from Steamworks made in 2016. The Steamworks documentation is helpful . . . but my question is:

Do you guys know a step-by-step guide or better video even on uploading and releasing a game on Steam that is in date and is also clear and concise?

I'm searching on Google but haven't found much better so far . . .


I'm pretty sure the official steamworks documentation should have most of the guides you need. I read the page for like 30 seconds and found a page labelled "Uploading a Game to Steam" listed in the step-by-step list.

There were some pretty big changes when Greenlight was discontinued and Direct introduced, so outdated guides probably won't do you a lot of good.
Thanks Yal, I agree; at the time I asked this question I was more frustrated than anything that there wasn't an easier way to upload games to Steam in 2020 - it felt like a long-winded method from back in the 1990s lol. Just got to suck it up and go through the steps outlined. Thank you for the links and taking the time to reply :)


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Glad my "RTFM" post helped :p

Considering that tons of people complain about the store being flooded by asset flips, I'd say it's for the better that there's at least some friction to uploading a game - you'll only do it a couple of times per year at most, but people that release the same game 5 times with some assets changed hoping to trick a few kids and grandmas outta their benjamins will lose a lot more momentum from it.