Android [Answered] Possible server side configuration storage (mostly constants to load at game launch)



Hey guys, its been a while since I posted on forums (my pc broke and couldnt work :|)

Is there something similar to zookeeper config or mongo db integration or something for GM Studio. The requirement here is:

1. Store some predefined constants online which can be easily accessible and tweakable
2. Load these values at different events in game (preferably specific one at a time) to use as value in the game

I was thinking about http_get_file to get an entire file. Or can I use GMNET in some way to get this done. Main idea is to have about 1-3 calls in the game to the server. So if I have 1000 players, it should not overload the server much.


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There is no such support for databases built in other than the http_ functions, so yes, I'd look at using them and some server-side php.