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Asset - Graphics (ANSWERED) Is there a shader available that does "old school" 3D shadow casting?


There's really only one shader I still need that I've been unable to properly create myself, and I'm pretty sure it'd be relatively easy for someone experienced in shaders to create, so I figured I'd ask if anyone has the shader I need already up for sale on the marketplace, and perhaps I just missed it in my searches, or if it doesn't exist yet, I'm requesting for someone to create it and put it up for sale.


What I'm looking for:
Simplistic "old school" circle shadows. For example, just like the shadows seen in many Ys games.

Focus on the center, where the jumping character and the monster's hand are casting shadows. This gives a pretty good example of what I'm looking for.

EDIT: And here's a better example that I should've shown in the first place, I guess. Apologies. Look at how the shadow works. All you need is the first 20 seconds to understand:

That's the first example that came to mind, but theses kinds of shadows have obviously been used in lots of older 3D games, as well as many mobile games. I'm saying this because I may not be the only customer for this shader; I expect others would also be willing to pay for this shader.

The control parameters needed are:
  • Shadow edge softness/hardness
    (i.e. it should be able to get hard enough for the shadow to be a single level of transparency all around, so the edges would be absolutely abrupt cuts)
  • Shadow size
  • Shadow transparency amount
    (i.e. control ranging from completely transparent to completely opaque)
The shader must also have essentially no limit on number of shadows.
It must be reasonably optimized and a basic demo must be created to prove it works and is optimized well enough to be properly usable.


Simply put it up on the marketplace and I will buy it from there.
I'm willing to pay up to $30 for this, if it meets the above requirements and if you think this is fair.
Whatever initial price is decided, you can always lower the price for others after I buy. I'm thinking more in terms of paying for the development effort, not just the shader.


EULA terms I'm expecting:
The shader may be used in any project, commercial or non-commercial, without royalties. Once bought, it can be used freely.
The creator of the shader retains all rights to the shader. No one may reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade or resell it.
But I think that's probably all I need to say, because it should be a fairly standard EULA.
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aka fel666
Just draw circle geometry on the floor.
Should work fine if your floor is flat.

If you are actually looking for something more complex, PM me.


Ah. I realize now that the screenshot isn't enough of an example. Forgive me and allow me to remedy that.

In the first 20 seconds of this video, you can see exactly how I want the shadows to work:

I'm not planning on flat floor games. I'm well aware of various flat floor shadow methods in GML as well. This is definitely something a shader would be suited for.

EDIT: Also, PM'd @Fel666.

Furthermore, 5:52-5:55+ in the video posted above, it shows how the shadow would act when going over more steep and uneven terrain. This is exactly the behavior that I'm looking for.
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I just wanted to let it be known that @Fel666 was able to create this shader asset, and he even exceeded my hopes and expectations.

You can purchase it on the marketplace HERE.

The documentation is great and the functions are very straightforward. The asset offers a kind of 3D shadow that does the job, looks great, and is a little easier to handle than the other shadow shader assets on the market, IMHO.