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Question - Code Answer to Simple Question on Room Speed Illusive


I was watching a tutorial and the creator said something like "set your room speed at 60." So, I:

1. Opened every room setting menu I could find in GMS2 (version and found nothing.

2. Read the entire section on rooms in the manual, searched on "room speed" (and found out about rm_speed for coding room speed) but nothing on anything that was labeled room speed. I found that one can set Horiz., Vert., and animation speed in the background layer menu, but those aren't "room speed"--or are they?

3. Did a search in google for various combos of GML, GMS2, etc. + "room speed" which brought up repeated statements to the effect that one sets the room speed in "room settings." Many of these statements were from tutorials aimed at beginners, and not one showed a pic of any place to "set room speed."

4. Did a search on various terms in this forum and found various questions about room speed but none asking where the it was in the room menus.

I know that GMS1 had a place to enter room speed, which I found out watching one of Shaun Spalding's older tutorials, but that that specific menu item was removed in GMS2. I would have guessed that there IS no place to enter room speed in any part of the room editor, but writers keep referring to it!

I have spent over an hour on this so far. I have two questions and would very much appreciate any help anyone can offer:

1. Is there actually anywhere in *any* menu in GMS2 where one can set something that is labeled "room speed?"

2. I have had this kind of experience repeatedly: what seems like a simple question (to me) remains unanswered after going through the manual and numerous tutorials--because to find an answer, one has to know certain info. first. My guess is that people who learn coding on their own went through some similar frustrations but forget them after they become proficient. But if my experience is not common, I will just have to bite the bullet and hire a tutor. Wish I didn't have to.


Forum Staff
1) Game speed is set in the game's options (Main Options -> General -> Game frames per second) and via game_set_speed.

2) The tutorial you watched is likely for an older version and therefore not fully applicable to the version you're using.