Anime similar to Front Mission?


This post is for those of you that watch anime AND have played - or are at least familiar with - games from the Front Mission series.

I'm always interested in finding "mech" anime that are similar to the Front Mission games. That means space-age anime like Gundam are out. The anime needs to be based on Earth, or possibly another terrestial location. The mechs should also be grounded in "real science", so anime like Evangelion are right out. LOL

I'm already familiar with the Patlabor series. While I don't love it, I consider it's mechs to be in the same vein as Front Mission's, especially with variety of labors ranging from industrial to military. That makes it satisfying for me.

I love Full Metal Panic (although rewatching it now, I see many flaws now). It's got military and mercs, like Front Mission, various military models, and aside from the Lambda driver, the mechs are modestly based on realistic tech - one unit even runs on a combustion engine. The ASes have structural and mechanical weaknesses similar to how Wanzer parts are differentiated by their weaknesses. Some of the AS even look like Wanzers and some aircraft are similar in design to those in Front Mission games. All in all, FMP is a very satisfying anime in this regard, even if it is for the most part a comedy.

Just got reminded of Armored Trooper Votoms, which I have yet to watch and which inspired Front Mission.

So I'm looking for other anime that feel like they could have inspired or been inspired by Front Mission.

(Watching FMP again, I loved the blip about Banpresto making realistic models right down to structural flaws. That was cute.)
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