GMS 2.3+ Animation Curves tutorial (includes 2.3.2 demos + a playlist of animation curve examples)


GM Version: GMS 2.3.2
Target Platform: Windows mainly (but this should work on any platform)
Download: (The description of each video will have the relevant commit for linking to code)
Links: n/a

Hi all! Animation Curves was one of my favorite 2.3 features, so I made an intro tutorial, along w/ a series of tutorials trying to use them in as many ways as possible. (you can watch them in any order)

While making the series, I also realized that game maker 2.3.2 will have another pretty big animation curves update, so I used game maker beta for some sections of the tutorial to make sure those features were included as well

Skip to 8:29 to see an overview of all the 2.3.2 features

Intro to Animation Curves

Here are the other examples so far (NOTE: unfortunately these aren't compliant w/ forum standards since I was missing semi colons, so be sure to add them as you're following the tutorials)

Elastic Lever Animation
Sliding Camera Transition
Damage Flash (and color animation in general)
Screen Shake

Playlist w/ full series
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